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Air compressed foot massager promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legsrelieving fatigue  6 chambers
  • Air compressed foot massager promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legsrelieving fatigue  6 chambers

Air compressed foot massager promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legsrelieving fatigue 6 chambers


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Q: Gifts from YITI

In order to give back to YITI users, we have prepared 2 surprises for this. Please refer to our introduction for details and accept our gift

Q: How dose this product work?

This is a kind of air compression lymphatic drainage massage device, the use of multi-chamber inflatable air bags to establish circulation pressure, in turn rhythmically inflated, deflated, squeezed, this process effectively promotes venous return, enhances arterial perfusion, and optimizes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

Q: Relax and rejuvenate

YITI "air compression boots are suitable for athletes, cyclists, runners, sports enthusiasts, drivers, waiters, dancers, the elderly and even daily massage therapy. It helps improve lymphatic system function, reduces pain and soreness, eliminates fatigue and relieves muscle tension. For athletes, exercise is a faster recovery. Its compact size and portable bag make it a great post-gym recovery buddy 

Q: hat should I do if I feel that the massage is too little or too strong?

YITI products are available in 6 modes + 6 adjustable timers,7 intensity adjustable pressures (30-250 MMHG), depending on your daily massage needs, you can adjust each treatment stage and treatment time and pressure with digital control (10/20/30/40/50/60 minutes). All you need to do is unbuckle your recovery boots and start enjoying air compression massage therapy

Q: How to choose the size?

  • YITI- Available in a variety of sizes according to height, which we will describe in detail in the picture

  • Size M- Recommended height 140-155CM

  • Size XL- Recommended height 155-175M

  • Size XXL- Recommended height 175-185CM

  • Size XXXL-Recommended height > 185CM

  • Pants- Recommended height 160-185CM

  • Whole-body- Recommended height 160-185CM

Q: Does this need to be plugged in or charged?

  • Built in lithium battery DC power supply

  • Weight:  2KG

  • power:   30w/40va 

  • Size:      24.5*12.5*9.5cm

  • voltage:  100-240V

  • endurance: 2-3 hours

Q: Warranty service

2-year warranty - As a reliable massager brand, YITI provides our customers with high quality products and the best after-sales service. You will receive a 2-year warranty

S0b8011f594b44e5b843a1faa8816e69eq.jpgS43d1229c792e4526896d3784d81d57c9Q.jpgSa2cd797fc4724a5bb816ba407a0712c4e.jpgS7cfc415e63ac45e9936cf8adc6d1a4184.jpgS928d7adb5847403bbb40829851c29004H.jpgS3e710af6bf684b3cb4c98a0087f0cde3Z.jpgSf58d31efa2a04308981768887d668e31r.pngFast Muscle Recovery & Improve Circulation & Relieve Fatigue and PainS281a1b597791435594c86a9e191dd5bfc.pngS979cfde1115f424dbff306bab0da947dB.jpgThe sequential inflating and deflating of six air chambers (foot, lower calf, upper calf and thigh) stimulates hand massage and stroking, maximizes blood flow throughout the body, helps reduce muscle soreness and pain, and improves circulation.Sd28f8a5d268645de93443a2a2f7c0212N.jpgS1f27082c17f04c0c85c8e37256384b66d.jpgSupporting simultaneous use of upper and lower limbs for more effective and faster recovery.S7df835c7f2884dcd91bea9ffcafc980ap.jpgS38421a74ca524964a93a5154841fab0e1.jpgS34e76a38a51e4124ae73662f0782f90fF.jpgSequential Massage Boots with Smart Air Compression SystemS64573ce41a49445e8e2e6875485da3ab4.jpgYITI- Leg compression recovery boots that promote blood flow, effectively eliminate muscle soreness and fatigue, ready to use. You can use it to warm up your muscles before a workout, to recover better and faster after a workout, or when you get home after a long day at work. It's better for athletes to get back into the sport faster. Its compact size and portable bag make it a great recovery partner for you after a workout at the gymSbb7569436991442f87f58d91d487393bE.jpgCustom operation - This start is operated by a digital control unit and has 5 modes, 7 pressure intensities and 5 optional times to choose from. The zipper design provides you with a new wearing experience. Just zip up and start enjoying the powerful treatment.Sa2ddfbd554dd4b669eeac73139acb617w.jpgSff281741a2b94b67a9826b60ddcbf47dk.jpgS7ae692d535b94b27b6fb37faf069651aX.jpgS4d64ad2aa16840c68d79e5605375c03fY.jpgS5c8f897a42424793be3bbb4dbac5d2e93.jpg                                        S179165cdfb4447f8b8ab18d43b76569eO.png

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